Automotive Part Supply

Our customers can supply many kinds of parts from our existing suppliers, such as electro-mechanical, electronic, powertrain parts.

Purchasing Consultancy

Identifying A quality suppliers, requesting price quotes from Turkish and foreign suppliers. Competitive pricing policy, capacity, on-demand quality control and logistics operation are also supported.

Engineering Service

Keyes can provide customer with 2 differents type of Engineering service;
1. Cost Reduction Workshop
2. Decontenting Workshop

Keyes Engineering

About Keyes

Keyes Automotive and Engineering Inc. In order to provide the most efficient service to its customers and suppliers; made the necessary workforce analysis and created a dynamic organizational structure.

  • Our Vision
  • We intend to provide our customers high quality and price-effective products with the best engineering experience in automotive industry.

  • Our Mission
  • Keyes Engineering is established to give engineering services and provide products in Automotive Industry, for both OEMs and Suppliers in local and international platforms.

Keyes Engineering
Keyes Engineering
Keyes Engineering

Our Company Profile

Was established in 2015 to operate in the fields of Engineering Solutions and Procurement Consultancy in Turkey.
Keyes Engineering




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Keyes Engineering

30+ Years of Industry Experience

Thanks to its engineering capabilities, it can provide design and test support in line with customer demands.

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Keyes Engineering
Keyes Engineering

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Keyes Engineering
Keyes Engineering
Keyes Engineering