Keyes Engineering

CNG Tank Set

• Hexagon Agility TUFFSHELL Type 4 cylinders offer the lightest weight per unit volume of any CNG cylinder. Weighing only 30% of the weight of steel cylinders provides %70 weight reduction and they improve vehicle range, payload, handling, and fuel efficiency

• Type 4 cylinders have a plastic liner that does not experience corrosion or metal fatigue after repeated fill and discharge cycles

• TUFFSHELL cylinders are used in over 50% of European and 80% of North America CNG commercial vehicles

• High-strength, super-tough construction reduces impact damage and fatigue. Type 4 cylinders have built-in dome protection against abrasions and scuffs

• Wide range of standard sizes available in strap mount, boss mount, and mixed mount designs for maximum packaging efficiency

• Installed in a variety of commercial vehicles, including transit and coach buses, heavy goods vehicles, refuse collection vehicles, concrete mixers, and delivery trucks

• ECE R110, ANSI/NGV 2, FMVSS 304, US DOT, NHTSA, ISO 11439, CCOE, ADR/TPED, GOST, KGSC and many other national standards.

• Different options are available.

• Please contact for datasheet, 2D and 3D.