Keyes Engineering

Hydrogen Cylinder Systems

• H2 storage @ 350 bar acc. to EC-79

• Type-4 Cylinders

• Different capacity options

• Temperature range: -40 / +65 °C

• Multi-functional cylinder valves with integral thermistors

• 12 PRDs thermal protection

• Lightweight aluminum frame

• Installed in a variety of commercial vehicles, including transit and coach buses, heavy goods vehicles, refuse collection vehicles, concrete mixers, and delivery trucks

• Due to its weight advantage, only Type 4 is used in many projects of important passenger car suppliers in Europe.

• EC 79, HGV2, TPED, ABS/US DOT, PED, R-134, ISO 11119-3 / EN 12245, ISO 668, CSC approvals

• Different options are available.

• Please contact for datasheet, 2D and 3D.